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This song Hattie was inspired by a character from Woody Allen’s Sweet and Lowdown. It’s about a fictional “the second greatest” jazz guitarist Emmet Ray. I love the costume (it’s set in 1930’s) the music and Emmet’s obsession with Django Reinhardt (the greatest jazz guitarist ever) but the character that fascinated me the most was Hattie, Emmet’s girlfriend. Hattie is a mute but she emits so much energy and somehow looked more alive than Emmet who just can’t stop talking! I always wanted to give her a voice and this song was my attempt to give her one.

The video was shot by a very talneted photographer Megan Senior. This was our first video collaboration and I’m really happy with what we came up. Not to mention blowing up and wrangling 72 balloons was a blast! (pun intended)


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