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I met Sophie when we happen to play on the same bill at the Living Room in the lower east side, Manhattan. I loved her beautiful songs, voice and her ukulele so I was thrilled when she asked me to do a duet with her.

Choosing what song to cover was the most difficult part of the project. I mean there are so many to choose from! In the end we settled on 9 to 5, because we both love Dolly Parton. Turns out, Dolly wasn’t the only thing we love in common. We both love old films (Jimmy Stewart, Hitchcock, Audrey Hepburn…) studio Ghibli (My neighbor Totoro!) Agatha Christie (Poirot or Miss Marple?) and of course, Murder She Wrote. “You have Murder She Wrote board game!” was the first thing she said, when Sophie arrived at my place in Brooklyn. Jessica Fletcher just makes everything alright, you know?

Every time we get together to work on the video, we end up drinking numerous cup of tea (hello, English and Japanese over here) and chatting about old films. It was very pleasant. We did work hard though, especially Sophie with all the sound and video editing. I couldn’t be happier with the finished video. Did I tell you that there is a surprise ending? Maybe I will tell you about how it came about one day, but for now, please enjoy! I hope it brightens your 9 to 5 day with a smile.

You should go check out Sophie’s website, http://sophiemadeleine.com/
She’s amazing!

And also yours truly at http://www.Facebook.com/MiwageminiMusic


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